Capturing the Haleakala Sunrise

The Maui Sunriders Haleakala sunrise tour is one of the most memorable adventures you will ever experience. Sunrise at the summit is one of the world’s best photo ops, and you will definitely want to make sure to have a good camera ready to go! Stock up on some unbelievable images to remind yourself of your […]

Maui Downhill Bike Tours: Both Fun and Exhilarating!

We happen to agree that our Maui downhill bike tours are the best way to experience the island. Why? Largely because our self-paced tours are the perfect blend of exhilaration and relaxation! On just one trip from summit to shore, we invite you to experience the broad range of everything Maui has to offer. Soak in some […]

Plan Your Maui Volcano Tour on a Bike!

Without a doubt, a bike is the best way to take a Maui volcano tour! One of our favorite parts is that you are actually not limited to the seat of your bike at all! Experience the open air and beautiful wide-open vistas of the island and get up close to the nature and wildlife whizzing by. All of […]

5 Pro Tips for Your Haleakala Sunrise Bike Tour

The Maui Sunriders Haleakala sunrise bike tour experience is a truly amazing life experience that everyone should have on their bucket list. Even if you’ve never been before, our knowledgable guides and other friendly locals are happy to point you in the right direction and help you get the most out of your trip. To help […]

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