One off of the “bucket list”!

This has been one of those “bucket list” things I have wanted to do since I first heard about the trips “way back when” The trip was everything I expected plus! I chose Maui Sunriders based on the equipment (Redline Monocog Mountain Bike with disc breaks and 29 inch wheels and the self paced nature of your tours) I would not hesitate to recommend your company for for those reasons AND for the service and personnel. Remy, our driver and guide, was great. His repertoire was entertaining and informative and the safety instructions were delivered without being frightening our preachy. Thanks guys for a great trip and great memories. I’m still grinning eight hours later! -Terry Gerweck

Another very satisfied customer!

Came to Maui with one priority: bike the volcano before we left. And the choices were so confusing, crazy price swings, sunrise or not, group tour or on your own. Saw your website and decided to just go for it with you guys. Damn, we were so lucky! An amazing day; my wife can’t stop talking about it, and she only rode in the van. Joe was as entertaining as the ride itself; the man’s knowledge is encyclopedic, directions crystal clear. And somehow, he kept the clouds at bay – we had perfect visibility the entire 26 miles. We’ll be back someday with our grownup kids. Thanks for a great experience and a highlight memory of 2012. -Pete Giangiulio