A Job well done!

Dear Maui Sunriders, I would like to provide feedback about your company regarding a recent sunrise downhill excursion. My wife and I had done the downhill trips in the past with other companies. This time we brought along our 11 y.o. son for his first trip down a volcano. We chose your company based mostly on the following criteria: Self-paced/self-guided option Gear selection Price Description on the website We had a wonderful time, both going up the mountain with Remy, and coming down by ourselves. We would like to point out that Remy really made the trip enjoyable. He was knowledgeable, educated, and funny, without being too chatty, too witty, or overbearing in any of these categories. He was efficient and proficient in his work, professional yet relaxed, and comfortable to be around. He seemed to be a generally pleasant person who would be an asset to any company. And just a nice guy to hang around with after work. Remy should be commended on a job well done. Not just a single aspect of the job, but on all he did for us that morning. Thank you, Remy, for going above and beyond what most people would consider the normal call of duty.

Hawaii 5-0

We had a great time. This ride was special to us because it marked the pinnacle of a goal we’ve been pursuing for the past 7 years: to bike 50 miles in each of the 50 states. We saved Hawaii 5-0 for our final state, and wanted the last half of our 50 miles in Hawaii to be special. Downhill was a bonus! (We probably should have done the sunrise tour, but we’re not all that good at being early risers.) Our guide did a fantastic job of telling us lots of interesting details about the mountain and about Hawaii. He also did a very good job of emphasizing the route we would re-trace down the mountain. We knew we wanted to do a self paced ride and I had considered another company whose name shall remain unmentioned. As we were biking down the mountain, I saw two people who were on bikes from that other company, paused at an intersection, consulting a map and wondering which way to go. We all sped by because our guide had been very specific and emphatic about the route. I was glad to have chosen Maui Sunriders! You made our ride a great way to finish off our 50-50 goal on our bucket list. Thanks for a great time. -Sue Bruns, Bemidji, Minnesota