What Happens Before the Haleakala Sunrise?

The moments before the sun first peaks over the horizon are truly magical, and the adventure begins long before the orange glow paints the Maui skies. Here’s a sneak peak of the first part of our Haleakalā sunrise bike tours! The Early Bird Gets the Worm In order to reach the summit in time, our vans depart from the Maui Sunriders base station in Paia nice and early, but it doesn’t take long to discover that it’s well worth it! We meet at 3:30 a.m. in the winter or 3 a.m. in the summer to get started. After signing in, you’ll receive a brief orientation and our guides will help you pick out your bike and any extra gear you’ll need on the volcano, including helmet, wind/rain gear, map, and bike lock. There’s not much time for idle chatter though, and soon you’ll be on your way! The Trek Up the Mountain After you get settled in, our tour vans will depart for the summit in order to catch the Haleakalā sunrise. Listen in as our knowledgable guides point out some must-see spots and other helpful information for the way down. The drive typically takes a little over an hour, and by the time you arrive at the summit, the skies may just begin to show signs of life. At the top, parking can be tricky during busy times of the year, so you’ll be glad to have your own personal Maui Sunriders chauffeur! Throughout the ride, we encourage you to relax and soak it all in. One recent Maui Sunriders biker shared that “the journey was absolutely incredible going from pitch dark to the sun rise slowly rising above […]

Fun Science Facts for Your Haleakala Volcano Tour

Maui is a geological treasure trove where violent volcanic activity once birthed entire islands out of the middle of the ocean. Today, a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna live alongside hardened lava flows—some of which are estimated to be over a million years old. Over the centuries, this breathtaking landscape has inspired many traditional myths and legends featuring the demigod Maui and Haleakalā (the “house of the sun”), and it continues to draw geologists and other scientists today. Here are a few fun science facts to share with your friends on your next Haleakalā volcano tour! A Window into the Past Hawaii is situated near the center of the Pacific tectonic plate where weak areas in the Earth’s crust have allowed molten lava to seep through and create a chain of volcanic islands. Maui is actually one of the younger islands in the group and was born where two volcanos joined to create the “valley isle.” Haleakalā, the larger of the two, is actually estimated to have once reached up to 12,000 feet; however, millennia of erosion have worn it down to form the signature crater at it’s summit. Today, our Haleakalā volcano tours bring you and your bike to the highest point at 10,024 feet. Haleakalā Today Now in the 21st century, Haleakalā is not actually an extinct volcano, but merely dormant and has not seen active volcanic activity since 1790. Its calmness is actually attributed to the slow movement of the Pacific Plate, meaning that over time, the island has moved northwestward away from the volcanic “hot spot.” This movement is slow—very slow—only about 2 centimeters a year, but believe it or not, this drift gradually created […]

Experience the Island with Maui Bike Rentals and Tours

Here on Maui, there are all sorts of ways to experience our beautiful island, and many different companies are eager to offer tours by bus, boat, helicopter, and more. Here are just a few reasons why we think the best experience can be find on the slopes of Haleakalā with our Maui bike rentals and tours! Get Out There! First and foremost, Maui is an island of unparalleled natural beauty and amazing outdoor environments. We encourage you not just to look, but to experience it firsthand! Up on the volcano with nothing between you and nature, you can soak up the warm rays of the Haleakalā sunrise, breath in the crisp mountain air, and encounter a variety of plants and wildlife along the way. Our Maui downhill bike tours are all self-paced and very manageable for a wide range of skill levels. At the end of the day, you’ll feel great looking back up to where your adventure began and knowing you tackled the entire Haleakalā volcano with nothing but a bike and a little help—ok, maybe a lot of help—from gravity! From Summit to Shore in One Trip There is an amazing variety of terrains, ecosystems, and cultures packed into the relatively small island of Maui. Experience the full range of Maui as you ride all the way from the majestic summit of Haleakalā to the gorgeous white sands of the south shores! Not all guided Maui bike tours offer this full experience, but we take you all the way. Plus, there is simply no better way to see the entire island than from its highest point at 10,024 ft in elevation. You won’t spend the whole day on […]

How to Pack for Vacationing and Biking in Maui

If you’re traveling to the beautiful island of Maui, packing right is essential to getting the most out of your adventure, all the way from the beautiful beaches to the peak of the Haleakalā volcano. Pack according to what you’ll need for biking in Maui and any other planned activities. It’s a good idea to make a master list a few weeks ahead of time to give yourself a change to think of everything! Pack for temperature variations (think layers!) Maui daytime temperatures are typically a beautiful 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the climate ranges from its coldest in January to its hottest peak in August. Throughout the year, temperatures can drop at night, so be prepared for these island temperature fluctuations with flexible clothing that can be easily layered. Shorts and a T-shirt might be perfect for the day, but you’ll want to make sure and pack pants and a light jacket for the evenings. Winter is the wettest season in Maui, so come prepared for a little rain. We do provide rain and wind gear for your Maui bike tours, including gloves, jackets, and pants if you need them. Prepare for the summit Although the Maui climate is beautifully moderate closer to sea level, temperatures at the peak of Haleakalā can dip all the way to 40 degrees in the early hours of the morning. High up on the volcano at 10,000 feet above sea level, it can of course, be very windy! Especially if your taking the Haleakalā sunrise tour, prepare for the chilly mountain air with a warm jacket and accessories like a hat and gloves. If you don’t feel like hauling your jacket—or even a warm […]

6 Maui Activities to do After your Haleakala Bike Tour

There are many things to do in Maui, and the North Shore is a great place to experience the island after your Maui Sundriders Haleakalā bike tour. These are just some of the many remarkable sites, local cuisine, and adventures to add to your bucket list! A protea flower found in Kula Explore the Kula Countryside Throughout your Haleakalā biking adventure, your Maui Sunriders guides will be able to point out the amazing plants and wildlife unique to this distinct region. After the ride, you make want to come back for more to explore the mountainside and its rich heritage. Look for farms growing the beautiful protea flower or explore a sugar mill and a winery… you might even meet a genuine paniolo cowboy! Whatever you choose, the area has some of the most scenic drives in the world with beautiful coastlines, tropical landscapes, and lookout points. Explore the Town of Paia After your downhill bike tour, you’ll find yourself right outside the beautiful town of Paia. This quaint community in the heart of the North Shore offers many excellent dining and shopping experiences, including the Paia Fish Market, Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon, and the Flatbread Company! Relax, strike up a conversation with the friendly locals, and satisfy your appetite after the volcano bike ride! “Luau, Maui Style” Experience a Hawaiian Luau After your big day of adventure on your Haleakalā bike tour, it’s time to relax and celebrate Hawaiian style! It’s hard to get more traditional than a Hawaiian Luau, and if you venture to Maui, you should go to at least one. Luaus usually serve a buffet style dinner with Kalua pork or roasted “Emu,” a whole pig […]