Exploring the Haleakala Crater on Your Maui Bike Tour

The large crater is just one of the majestic sights you will find at the top of the Haleakalā volcano on your Maui bike tour. Its dramatic formations and strange features make it feel almost like an alien landscape—quite different from the amazing tropical scenery you will see on the way down with your friends and family. The crater and the volcano are all part of Maui’s Haleakalā Natural Park, one of the most beautiful places on Maui and in the world! The crater basin at the summit of Haleakalā. The Crater Was Actually Made by Erosion Despite what you might expect, the crater at the top of Haleakalā was not created by volcanic activity, but by erosion of wind and rain. The effect has created a stark, desert-like landscape where barren rocks contrast beautifully with the “rare and endemic species” that live there, including Hawaiian honeycreepers and the Hawaiian dark-rumped petrel. Haleakalā, the larger of the two Maui volcanos, is actually believed to have once reached higher—up to an estimated 12,000 feet. Millennia of erosion have worn down the peak, and today, your Maui bike tour will take you to the volcano’s highest point at 10,024 feet. Sunrise over the Haleakalā crater. The Volcano Itself is Actually Dormant, Not Extinct The Haleakalā volcano has not seen volcanic activity since 1790, which means that by definition it is dormant, not completely extinct. Geologists actually believe that the volcano has calmed down because the entire island chain is slowly moving—about 2 centimeters a year. Over time, the island has moved northwestward away from the volcanic “hot spot” that originally created Haleakalā volcano. Don’t worry, the geological activity of the island is […]

What Makes the Haleakala Sunrise So Special?

The Haleakalā sunrise over a rippling ocean of clouds. Sunrise at the summit of Maui’s majestic dormant Haleakalā volcano is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see, and together with family and friends, you’ll be making some amazing memories you won’t ever forget. Just what is it that draws so many people to this magical spot every morning? We do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable and equipped for the journey, but we believe this experience is made not just because of where you are, but also who you are with! Here are a few theories on just what makes the Haleakalā sunrise so special… An Amazing New Spectacle Every Day Up above 10,000 feet in elevation on an island, the weather can be widely varied and unpredictable. This means that you should come prepared with warm layered clothing, but it also means that conditions for sunrise change to create a new natural spectacle every day! Before dawn, you will typically find the sky blanketed in soft clouds stretching out towards the horizon. Up at the summit of Haleakalā, you will actually be above this cloud cover with little more that a few neighboring peaks visible. In these magical predawn moments, the view of these peaks is not unlike a miniature glimpse of the greater Hawaiian island chain below, poking up from the rolling sea of clouds. Rich warm colors will quickly spread throughout the sky before the sun begins its climb, bursting forth in a flood of warmth and color. Stick around to experience the full sunrise before you leave. Once the sun gets high enough, the thick cloud cover will often melt away, […]

Great Breakfast Stops for Your Maui Bike Rental Adventure

“We saw it all. Some members of the group went ahead, some lagged behind, but one thing was clear: the guys who booked the ‘we all ride together in a big, safe, slow group’ tours were envious. They didn’t see half as much…” (Baldwin H, via TripAdvisor) All our downhill bike tours are self-paced which means that you get to set the speed and pick the stops! Cruising down the mountain is a great way to see a lot at once, but we always encourage our visitors to take breaks and experience the culture and countryside up-close. There’s a wealth of experiences to be had up on the mountainside, and there’s something for the whole family. Take a look at a few of our guests’ most recommended stops and plan your dream Maui bike tour with whatever looks best to you! Especially if you take our Haleakalā sunrise tour, you’ll be up bright and early. Grab some snacks at the shop before your tour begins, but after a bit of biking, some food and good coffee are going to start sounding pretty good! Breakfast with a view at the Kula Lodge! Secluded Dining at the Kula Lodge The Kula Lodge is a great place to stop with your family. Breakfast is served from 7-11 a.m. here at this hidden gem nestled in a lush private garden at 3,200 feet elevation. Enjoy sweeping views of Maui’s countryside reaching all the way to the sea as you dine. Afterwards, check out the adjoining Kula Marketplace to view all sorts of island treasures and local artwork. We always provide a backpack with your Maui bike rental, so you can take a little something […]

Family Fun with Maui Downhill Bike Tours

Experience an outdoor adventure on Maui with your whole family! Experiencing the summit of Maui’s majestic Haleakalā volcano is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Our Maui downhill bike tours are a great way to see the island and make some unforgettable family memories. All our tours are self-paced, meaning they’re casual and relaxed, and our downhill routes mean that confident riders of almost any age can enjoy the journey together. It’s All Downhill From Here… In our part of the world, going downhill is a very good thing! We start things off at 6,500 feet and let you make your way down to our shop at the foot of the volcano—or even all the way down to the shore. You will enjoy a relaxed adventure with a minimum of peddling required. We also include safety gear with your rental, and our bikes are equipped with disk brakes to help ensure you feel safe on the mountain. Simply stay hydrated and dress appropriately, and we know you’ll have a great time! Rhona (pictured above with her family) brought her 18 and 21 year old kids along and shared that “27 miles or so of downhill riding was a thrill that simply can’t be described.” Enjoy the downhill bike route from our staging area at 6,500 feet. Self-Paced Bike Tours for Any Fitness or Skill Level All our Maui downhill bike tours are self-paced which means that you’re in control! On the way to the top, your Maui Sunriders guides will point out useful information about the journey and give directions, but the rest is up to you! Cruise along or take your time. Stop whenever you […]