Cool Stuff on your Ride Down a Volcano on the Island of Maui

There’s an incredible amount of awesome stuff to see and experience on your way down from atop Haleakalā. Let’s start with the view! From the moment you embark on your journey up Haleakalā, you’ll begin to see glimpses of the majesty that is Maui; vistas and valleys, green rolling hills and so much more… Once you’re near the top you’ll mount your bike for the trip back down. From here on it’s an at-your-own-pace adventure. Don’t forget to stop and snap a few pictures of yourself, and of course the views. The twisting and turning of the road reveals endless opportunities for selfies and staged shots with your friends. On the way up the mountain your guide will show you where to turn on your way back down. The first right on your way down is where the long zig-zag Crater Road runs into Kekaulike Ave (hwy 377) better known as Haleakalā Highway. Much of this area is upcountry residential neighborhoods. Soon after your first right you will see Kula Lodge and Restaurant on your left (Check their hours to see if they will be open during your ride). The next few miles is some of Maui’s most incredible rolling hills and countryside. You’ll see endless views of farms and ranches; Eucalyptus and Jacaranda trees surrounded by vibrant green meadows. There’s just no chance you’ll not stop to take a few pictures in this area. Next up you might see a herd of goats mowing the tall grass on either side of the highway. And often there are beautiful horses standing near the fence just waiting for you to share some of the rich green grass that’s just on your […]

Plan Ahead to Experience the Upcountry Jacaranda

© The Maui Darren Starting sometime in late April or early May, Upcountry Maui will look completely different then the usual rolling green hills and meadows. The slopes of Haleakalā, especially in and around Makawao and Kula, will be changing colors. Every year Maui residents celebrate the annual blooming of the Jacaranda Trees. These normally average looking upcountry trees reveal their bright purple and blueish-purple flowers seasonally. It’s an amazing time to visit the upcountry area by car or bicycle, and truly experience the beauty of Jacarandas blooming everywhere. Maui’s artists and photographers ascend upon the many winding roads of the upcountry and setup their easels and tripods for a day’s worth of capturing the essence of Jacaranda perspectives and landscapes. If you plan ahead to spend the day upcountry you’ll discover Jacarandas around just about every corner. Bring your camera to capture the light and the colors to share with friends. Below are some inspiring Jacaranda images courtesy of local photographer, Darren McDaniel. When planning your trip into Jacaranda territory be sure to consider a bike tour in conjunction with your upcountry experience. You’ll enjoy a different—more personal experience closeup to these majestic blue-purple flowering trees. One very popular Maui artist, Curtis Cost, knows exactly how to capture Jacarandas in all their glory. He puts them right in the center of the painting. This painting is available from the Curtis Cost gallery. Special insiders tip: late in the Jacaranda season you’ll see the ground below Jacaranda trees blanketed with the purple flowers which adds a unique perspective to photography.