6 Maui Activities to do After your Haleakala Bike Tour

There are many things to do in Maui, and the North Shore is a great place to experience the island after your Maui Sundriders Haleakalā bike tour. These are just some of the many remarkable sites, local cuisine, and adventures to add to your bucket list! A protea flower found in Kula Explore the Kula Countryside Throughout your Haleakalā biking adventure, your Maui Sunriders guides will be able to point out the amazing plants and wildlife unique to this distinct region. After the ride, you make want to come back for more to explore the mountainside and its rich heritage. Look for farms growing the beautiful protea flower or explore a sugar mill and a winery… you might even meet a genuine paniolo cowboy! Whatever you choose, the area has some of the most scenic drives in the world with beautiful coastlines, tropical landscapes, and lookout points. Explore the Town of Paia After your downhill bike tour, you’ll find yourself right outside the beautiful town of Paia. This quaint community in the heart of the North Shore offers many excellent dining and shopping experiences, including the Paia Fish Market, Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon, and the Flatbread Company! Relax, strike up a conversation with the friendly locals, and satisfy your appetite after the volcano bike ride! “Luau, Maui Style” Experience a Hawaiian Luau After your big day of adventure on your Haleakalā bike tour, it’s time to relax and celebrate Hawaiian style! It’s hard to get more traditional than a Hawaiian Luau, and if you venture to Maui, you should go to at least one. Luaus usually serve a buffet style dinner with Kalua pork or roasted “Emu,” a whole pig […]

The Coolest Places In Paia For Health Nuts On Their Maui Bike Ride

The Coolest Places In Paia For Health Nuts On Their Maui Bike Ride. Staying healthy on your Maui bike ride just got easier. Are you vegan, vegetarian, gluten-intolerant or just an all-around total health nut? Then health friendly Paia is sure to please your palate by offering an impressive variety of mostly organic places that will nourish your appetite. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your bike ride or to replenish afterwards with some delicious, wholesome goodness when your bike tour is over. Mana Foods A family-owned and operated grocery store, which is largely organic, local produce, with a deli and bakery. Mana Foods. Photo by Maui Health Network. Maka By Mana An addition to Mana Foods, this restaurant combines the best of raw and vegan food to satisfy everyone’s needs. Their large and delicious menu includes salads, breakfast, sandwiches and wraps, entrees, desserts, as well as a variety of fresh juices, smoothies, elixirs, and tonics. Acai bowl at Maka By Mana. Photo by Tedi D. Cafe Des Amis Largely Mediterranean and Indian cuisine with lots of options for health conscious folk. Their menu offers smoothies, hummus, vegetable curry, tofu curry, vegetable and tofu wrap and curry wrap. Cafe Des Amis. Photo by Maui Made Blog. Flatbread Company Wood-fired pizzas with organic ingredients made in traditional clay ovens. Their default toppings include onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, plus you can customize the toppings from a long list of veggies. Gluten-free options available too. Large vegan pizza at Flatbread Company. Photo by Dave R.

Plan Ahead to Experience the Upcountry Jacaranda

© The Maui Darren Starting sometime in late April or early May, Upcountry Maui will look completely different then the usual rolling green hills and meadows. The slopes of Haleakalā, especially in and around Makawao and Kula, will be changing colors. Every year Maui residents celebrate the annual blooming of the Jacaranda Trees. These normally average looking upcountry trees reveal their bright purple and blueish-purple flowers seasonally. It’s an amazing time to visit the upcountry area by car or bicycle, and truly experience the beauty of Jacarandas blooming everywhere. Maui’s artists and photographers ascend upon the many winding roads of the upcountry and setup their easels and tripods for a day’s worth of capturing the essence of Jacaranda perspectives and landscapes. If you plan ahead to spend the day upcountry you’ll discover Jacarandas around just about every corner. Bring your camera to capture the light and the colors to share with friends. Below are some inspiring Jacaranda images courtesy of local photographer, Darren McDaniel. When planning your trip into Jacaranda territory be sure to consider a bike tour in conjunction with your upcountry experience. You’ll enjoy a different—more personal experience closeup to these majestic blue-purple flowering trees. One very popular Maui artist, Curtis Cost, knows exactly how to capture Jacarandas in all their glory. He puts them right in the center of the painting. This painting is available from the Curtis Cost gallery. Special insiders tip: late in the Jacaranda season you’ll see the ground below Jacaranda trees blanketed with the purple flowers which adds a unique perspective to photography.

You Made It to Maui! Now What? –Maui Bucket List Suggestions

Travel sites love to tell you about exciting things you should add to your personal “bucket list.” Fortunately for us, visiting Maui is usually already on most people’s travel bucket list! So, we’d like to suggest a few things to check off to make your trip to Maui very memorable! 5. Sample the beaches-there’s white sand, black sand, and red sand beaches! Only in Maui. 4. Travel the Road to Hana– You’ve heard of the Highway 1 Coastal Drive in California (it may be on your bucket list!)- well this is like that, only in MAUI. A gorgeous coastal drive, on the east coast from the village of Paia to the town of Hana, features cliffside views, waterfalls, beaches, and rainforests. 3. Try some pineapple wine! Our friends at Maui Wine have the only winery on Maui. It’s truly amazing! 2. Zipline through a rainforest! After you’ve had a little liquid courage, book a zipline tour. Our friends at North Shore Zipline Company offers canopy tours and Camp Maui, which we hear is the most fun you have have on a wire! and last, but not least… 1. Bike the Volcano! The Hawaiian islands are volcanic in nature, and were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. Maui’s volcanic peak is called Mt. Haleakalā is known as a the “house of the sun.” Viewing the sunrise from the summit in the Haleakalā National Park is one of the most memorable thing you can do on Maui! Maui Sunrider’s Sunrise Tour is the best on the island! We provide all the gear, the transportation, and guides you need to view the sunrise and explore the countryside as you take your time biking down […]

Exploring Makawao Town

If you’re taking some time to see Upcountry Maui, exploring Makawao town is a fun way to get a feel for “country” life on the island. The center of town runs along Baldwin Avenue and Makawao Avenue, a walkable area of shops, galleries, and restaurants with an artistic flair and vibrant history. History Photo by Makena Zayle Gadient In the early 1900’s, Makawao was a farming town, part of the pineapple industry that developed in the stretch of land from Haiku to Haliimaile. Beginning in the late 1800’s, cattle ranching in the Upcountry area brought Spanish and Portuguese cowboys to the island. Known in Hawaii as “Paniolos,” these ranchers helped to grow the cattle industry on Maui. Makawao’s downtown began to expand with businesses geared towards the Paniolos and pineapple workers. During World War II, thousands of servicemen were stationed for training near town, and businesses continued to grow to accommodate the community. As military presence decreased in the years after the war, many of the storefronts closed up and remained empty for some time. Makawao finally saw a resurgence of interest in the 1980’s when an eclectic group of artists began to set up shop in the rustic, country style storefronts at the center of town. Today, you can experience the feel of Makawao’s rich history in the shops and eateries where local farming and ranching culture intertwines with artistic craftsmanship. Food You’ll find plenty of great places to eat in Makawao. Polli’s Mexican Restaurant is a local favorite, serving everything from chile rellenos, fajitas, and fish burritos to vegetarian taquitos and margaritas. Across the street is Casanova, an Italian restaurant with a dance floor that is popular with […]

The 5 birds you might meet exploring upcountry Maui

Photo Credit: James Brennan The island of Maui is home to a variety of beautiful birds, and the Upcountry area of Haleakalā is a great place to enjoy the wonders of bird watching. At just below 7,000 feet, the higher altitude of Hosmer Grove Campground at Haleakalā is a perfect spot to catch a glimpse and hear the sweet songs of Maui’s avian wildlife. Along the summit route of Haleakalā National Park, you’ll come across a number of distinct birds. Enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the forest songbirds called honeycreepers. While some honeycreepers are more abundant in the area, sighting of others can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here are five birds to look and listen for on your adventures: Maui Alauahio Known as the Maui Creeper, the Alauahio is a foraging bird that creeps along tree trunks and branches searching for insects to eat. The Alauahio is a social creature with bright yellow feathers and a short, straight bill. In small flocks, they are known to boldly approach people. This creeper is a more commonly sighted bird in the area. Listen for their chirping song. Maui Alauahio Hawaii Amakihi Photo Credit: USGS photo by Dennis LaPointe Similar in appearance to the Alauahio, the Amakihi is Hawaii’s most common native green bird. Males are a bright yellow-green while females are a more graying-green. Both have short, downward curving bills that are slightly longer and more curved than the Alauahio bill. Another distinguishing feature is the black streaked lore between the bill and the eye. Hawaii Amakihi Kiwikiu (Maui Parrotbill) With only an estimated 500 of these honeycreepers remaining in the wild, Kiwikiu are a rare sight. […]

Adventurous and Romantic Ideas For Proposing In Maui

Looking for adventurous and romantic ideas for proposing in Maui? From sunrise to sunset, I’ve got you covered. Did you know Maui is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world? This is why it’s a top destination for visitors and romantics looking for an adventure in paradise with alluring beaches, breathtaking sunsets and attractions that will create ever lasting memories – making it the perfect place to plan your marriage proposal. Sunrise Proposal in Maui Haleakalā Sunrise Bike Tour. When it comes to popping the question, why not take a romantic sunrise trip from the summit of Haleakalā at 10,000 feet above sea level and enjoy the endless beauty of Maui together by taking a Haleakalā sunrise bike tour down Maui’s majestic volcano, all at your own pace. Our tours offer riders the freedom to stop along the way making it ideal for finding a romantic spot to propose. Sunset Proposal in Maui Haleakalā sunset. Photo by Divya Thakur via Flickr. Not a morning person? No problem. The unforgettable Maui sunsets can be enjoyed from just about anywhere along the west coast. The sunset on the peak of Haleakalā is a gorgeous sight not to be missed. Many people like to visit Haleakalā at night not only to view the mesmerizing sunset, but to see the night sky covered in bright twinkling stars. A desirable place to pop the question.

Many Of Our Customers On The Maui Downhill Enjoyed This…

Many of our customers on the Maui downhill enjoyed this… Whether you came to watch Maui’s majestic sunrise or take the Maui downhill bike tour, one thing is for sure – you will work up an appetite. Just a few miles from the Haleakalā national park entrance is the all organic, Maui Lavender Cafe located in Kula. A perfect place to refuel with delicious, homemade food. A few of the mouth-watering menu items include: macadamia pancakes, hot chocolate, banana bread and lavender tea. You can relax on the outdoor patio overlooking the spectacular lavender garden and breathe in the refreshing Upcountry air. Macadamia pancakes with fresh coffee. Photo by Cam Chowda. Lavender garden. Photo by Cam Chowda. When you’re ready to get back on the road again, Maui downhill bike tours are truly a great way to see the island and create some unforgettable memories. All our tours are self-paced, meaning they’re casual and relaxed, and our downhill routes mean that confident riders of almost any age can enjoy the journey together. Maui downhill. Photo by Cam Chowda.

Great Breakfast Stops for Your Maui Bike Rental Adventure

“We saw it all. Some members of the group went ahead, some lagged behind, but one thing was clear: the guys who booked the ‘we all ride together in a big, safe, slow group’ tours were envious. They didn’t see half as much…” (Baldwin H, via TripAdvisor) All our downhill bike tours are self-paced which means that you get to set the speed and pick the stops! Cruising down the mountain is a great way to see a lot at once, but we always encourage our visitors to take breaks and experience the culture and countryside up-close. There’s a wealth of experiences to be had up on the mountainside, and there’s something for the whole family. Take a look at a few of our guests’ most recommended stops and plan your dream Maui bike tour with whatever looks best to you! Especially if you take our Haleakalā sunrise tour, you’ll be up bright and early. Grab some snacks at the shop before your tour begins, but after a bit of biking, some food and good coffee are going to start sounding pretty good! Breakfast with a view at the Kula Lodge! Secluded Dining at the Kula Lodge The Kula Lodge is a great place to stop with your family. Breakfast is served from 7-11 a.m. here at this hidden gem nestled in a lush private garden at 3,200 feet elevation. Enjoy sweeping views of Maui’s countryside reaching all the way to the sea as you dine. Afterwards, check out the adjoining Kula Marketplace to view all sorts of island treasures and local artwork. We always provide a backpack with your Maui bike rental, so you can take a little something […]

Family Fun with Maui Downhill Bike Tours

Experience an outdoor adventure on Maui with your whole family! Experiencing the summit of Maui’s majestic Haleakalā volcano is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Our Maui downhill bike tours are a great way to see the island and make some unforgettable family memories. All our tours are self-paced, meaning they’re casual and relaxed, and our downhill routes mean that confident riders of almost any age can enjoy the journey together. It’s All Downhill From Here… In our part of the world, going downhill is a very good thing! We start things off at 6,500 feet and let you make your way down to our shop at the foot of the volcano—or even all the way down to the shore. You will enjoy a relaxed adventure with a minimum of peddling required. We also include safety gear with your rental, and our bikes are equipped with disk brakes to help ensure you feel safe on the mountain. Simply stay hydrated and dress appropriately, and we know you’ll have a great time! Rhona (pictured above with her family) brought her 18 and 21 year old kids along and shared that “27 miles or so of downhill riding was a thrill that simply can’t be described.” Enjoy the downhill bike route from our staging area at 6,500 feet. Self-Paced Bike Tours for Any Fitness or Skill Level All our Maui downhill bike tours are self-paced which means that you’re in control! On the way to the top, your Maui Sunriders guides will point out useful information about the journey and give directions, but the rest is up to you! Cruise along or take your time. Stop whenever you […]

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