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We founded Maui Sunriders Bike Company in 2001 as a small family-owned business that filled a need in Maui for a self-paced bike tour from the summit of Haleakala all the way down to the sea. We wanted to offer a bike ride that was less expensive and made people feel as if they were biking at home with family and friends. But actually our story starts before then…

And this pretty much sums it up

We moved to Maui in the mid-1970s and lived in Upcountry Maui on the volcano bike tour route. Being an active couple with 7 children, we were looking for a business that matched our on-the-go lifestyle. We had always been bike enthusiasts ourselves and knew the exhilarating feeling of biking in this amazing area. We wanted to share the full experience of biking down Haleakala with the freedom and flexibility we enjoyed with our own family. So since there weren’t any other bike tour companies using this exact biking model – riding self-paced all the way down to the sea – we felt that it was time to start Maui Sunriders. Our business model was simple…honest prices, friendly and impeccable customer service, long dedicated hours, and a lot of focus on biking safety. We knew from experience that biking down Haleakala as a family was a rewarding experience, so we wanted to offer a Maui bike tour that was less costly and had greater freedom, thus making it more accessible for families with children. On a self-paced bike tour, families could explore Haleakala at their own pace, stopping to see the little towns along the route. We realized we could offer this refreshing self-paced Maui bike tour at a lower cost by eliminating some of the extra fees often associated with Haleakala guided bike tours such as hotel shuttle services and high concierge commissions. By keeping our business simple, we found we could provide a safe, enjoyable, and inspiring Maui bike ride, all at a reasonable cost. Many years later and many thousands of satisfied customers have proven us right! We hope we can continue to share our love of Maui, cycling, and this unique Haleakala volcano adventure for years to come.

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