“We saw it all. Some members of the group went ahead, some lagged behind, but one thing was clear: the guys who booked the ‘we all ride together in a big, safe, slow group’ tours were envious. They didn’t see half as much…” (Baldwin H, via TripAdvisor)

bike tours maui

All our downhill bike tours are self-paced which means that you get to set the speed and pick the stops! Cruising down the mountain is a great way to see a lot at once, but we always encourage our visitors to take breaks and experience the culture and countryside up-close. There’s a wealth of experiences to be had up on the mountainside, and there’s something for the whole family. Take a look at a few of our guests’ most recommended stops and plan your dream Maui bike tour with whatever looks best to you! Especially if you take our Haleakalā sunrise tour, you’ll be up bright and early. Grab some snacks at the shop before your tour begins, but after a bit of biking, some food and good coffee are going to start sounding pretty good!

Breakfast with a view at the Kula Lodge!

Breakfast with a view at the Kula Lodge!

Secluded Dining at the Kula Lodge

The Kula Lodge is a great place to stop with your family. Breakfast is served from 7-11 a.m. here at this hidden gem nestled in a lush private garden at 3,200 feet elevation. Enjoy sweeping views of Maui’s countryside reaching all the way to the sea as you dine. Afterwards, check out the adjoining Kula Marketplace to view all sorts of island treasures and local artwork. We always provide a backpack with your Maui bike rental, so you can take a little something from the island home with you. (Sorry, some of the original sculptures and framed art pieces might not fit in your bag!)

Beautiful Gardens at the Lavender Cafe

Another great breakfast stop is the Maui Lavender Cafe, where fresh coffee and banana pancakes await the hungry traveler. Try their unique lavender tea or lavender lemonade and browse a variety of other creative lavender food and bath products to take home with you. Enjoy a walk through the sweeping hills of meticulously groomed lavender gardens and beautiful traces after your meal.

photo by Mitchell M. via yelp.com

Delicious donuts from T Komoda!

Unbeatable Fresh-baked Donuts at T Komoda

If you’re in the mood for more of a quick stop, T Komoda Bakery is THE place to get fresh-baked island donuts! This unassuming mom and pop style establishment is all about their fresh-baked goods, including their highly recommended cream puffs, malasadas, and stick donuts.

Grandma’s Coffee House

Another small town establishment, Grandma’s Coffee House offers some delicious home-style breakfast foods like french toast and waffles and—you guessed it—a great cup of coffee! The beans are actually grown and roasted right here on the slopes of Haleakalā. If you arrive later in the day, the restaurant also offers lunch entrees and some creative deserts featuring fresh pineapple and coconut.

(Kula Lodge photo courtesty of kulalodge.com)

(T Komoda donut photo by Mitchell M. via yelp.com)