What Makes Us Different

From The Mountain To The Sea

Imagine biking from the summit of the Haleakala volcano all the way back down to sea level! While some guided Maui volcano bike tours don’t offer this full of a biking experience, taking a detour before reaching the beach, our self-paced Haleakala bike tours let you be a part of the scenery and really experience what it’s like to be a Maui local and ride down all the way to the beach.

Ride At Your Own Pace

The Same Way Up

Before biking down the volcano, guests are driven up the mountain on the same route they will bike down. As you’re driven up the slopes of Haleakala, you’ll hear a narrated tour of the route explaining its history, points of interest, Hawaiian culture, and dining options at local restaurants along the route. Thus, you’ll know exactly where to go on your ride back down to sea level where our shop is and where your car is parked.

Highest Safety Rating

This Pretty Much Sums It Up

Want a relaxing, inspiring, and yet exhilarating adventure in Maui? Our self-paced Maui bike tours from the mountain to the sea along the slopes of Haleakala offer a unique biking experience, you won’t soon forget. A self-paced bike ride offers greater freedom and relaxation than the usual guided Maui bike tours. Instead of riding in a large group as in a guided Haleakala volcano tour, our riders ride at their pace stopping where they'd like to stop. Our self-paced Haleakala bike tours allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and quaint shops in various small towns along the way on your timetable and in your comfort zone. With our self-paced Haleakala bike tours, you can immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Upcountry Maui without the cumbersome restrictions of a large group. At Maui Sunriders, we are committed to ensuring that our guests have the best Maui bike ride possible. To that end, we place the highest importance on our bikers’ safety, making sure we use and maintain only the best biking equipment and direct bikers to the safest bike route on Haleakala with only most experienced tour guides. And while you’re biking at your own pace, you’re not left totally on your own. We offer roadside assistance for all of our Haleakala bike tours. So if you ever need anything along the route, just call us and we’ll be there to help. Maui Sunriders offers some of the lowest-priced Maui bike tours of the Haleakala route around. How can we keep our prices consistently low? Well, to keep our costs low, we decided not to utilize hotel concierge booking services very extensively. In not using a concierge service, we don’t have to pay a commission to the concierge for sending us guests, and thus we can pass those savings on to our biking guests. Also, having biking guests meet us at our store in Paia, instead of picking everyone up at their individual hotels, allows us to keep our operating costs lower, and actually affords guests more of an opportunity to see Maui. What do we mean? Well, instead of being transported directly back to their hotel, biking guests ride back down all the way to our shop in Paia. Afterward, they can explore the town of Paia, its beautiful beaches, and other aspects of the North Shore area. Thus, this self-paced way of biking down Haleakala volcano offers several advantages. Bikers can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable ride at their own pace while afterward sightseeing around the North Shore, all at a much lower cost than traditional guided biking tours. Stimulate all of your senses with exciting and serene self-paced biking in Maui.

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