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We’re avid cyclists who have a passion for bikes, all kinds of bikes! Safety is number one for us, second to having a good time! This is your ride, at your pace!

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Maui Sunriders Bike Company was founded in 2001 as a small family-owned business that filled a need in Maui for a self-paced bike tour from Haleakala all the way down to the sea. We offer a bike ride that is less expensive and makes you feel as if you’re biking at home with family and friends. On a self-paced bike tour, you can explore Haleakala at your own pace, stopping to see the little towns along the route.

Our business model is simple…honest prices, friendly and impeccable customer service, long dedicated hours, and a lot of focus on biking safety. We know from experience that biking down Haleakala with friends & family is a rewarding experience. Our Maui bike tour is less costly and provides you greater freedom. 

We offer this refreshing self-paced Maui bike tour at a lower cost by eliminating some of the extra fees often associated with Haleakala guided bike tours such as hotel shuttle services and high concierge commissions. By keeping our business simple, we found we could provide a safe, enjoyable, and inspiring Maui bike ride, all at a reasonable cost.

Many years later and many thousands of satisfied customers have proven us right! We hope we can continue to share our love of Maui, cycling, and this unique Haleakala volcano adventure for years to come. We are bike enthusiasts and know the exhilarating feeling of biking on Maui. We want to share the full experience of biking down Haleakala with the freedom and flexibility that we enjoy most. 


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USA Cycling Coach, IMBA MTB Guide, Wilderness First Aid/CPR, athletes & Coaches

We also run an International Bike & Ski business! We know biking, safety and having fun. We’re here to help you have the best day biking! We’ve guided Mountain bike & road bike tours all over Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Switzerland & Italy for the last decade. As well as backcountry ski & snowboard trips to Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France & Austria.



In 2019, we raced in an invitation only first ever Giro E race headlining the famous Giro d’Italia each stage! We also biked & followed the entire 100th Tour de’ France for our honeymoon. Our knowledge in the biking industry runs deep, and YES, we are those crazy people that like to BIKE UP HALEAKALA! We also LOVE to ride Trails! From the Swiss alps to the Dolomites in Italy, to Croatia and the famous peaks in France & Austria we’ve biked around the world, Utah, Colorado, California, and Hawaii. We love to call the roads and trails of Maui home and hope to make the community safer for the future of biking on Maui.


Adaptive surf & bike Volunteers

For the last 7 years, we have organized and led the Adaptive Surf & Mountain Bike Camps for the High Fives Foundation. The foundation supports athletes that have suffered spinal cord & traumatic brain injuries. We have brought High Fives athletes as well as military vets out to explore surfing & biking with their new injury. We have led trips around California, Hawaii, Utah & Mexico.

“To Bike or Not to Bike, That is Not a Question.”

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