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You will have a hard time finding a better staff in all of Maui! The shop is clean, bikes are in perfect shape, all equipment is well maintained! The owners are so friendly and helpful, our driver was extremely knowledgeable and funny, making the downhill ride our favorite thing we have done this trip! Cannot say enough good things!

Uriel B.

A great time was had by all. Maui Sunriders have perfected the ride down Haleakala to make it one of the easiest and most enjoyable out there. Don’t be fooled by their lower price, all bikes are top-notch and they have a great team to work with. Here are my top three reason on why we would choose Sunriders again.
#1) The 9:00 start time worked great. all of the “sun-risers” were done allowing us a more open road with minimal passing of other bikers. Our teenagers were actually more awake for the trip and each had a great time.
#2) self guided trip. We were able to stop and take pictures where we wanted to and able to enjoy our time within each town. A schedule is the last thing you want on vacation.
#3) Equipment. All you need to bring is sunscreen and yourself. The bike are in great condition with disc brakes. The provide backpacks, full-face helmets, rain gear, maps and bike locks


I highly recommend the self paced downhill Haleakala bike ride from Maui Sunriders. I’ve been coming to Maui for years and try to book a ride with them whenever I’m here. Jeff is very helpful and friendly and their equipment is in good shape for the demands of the downhill ride. They provide a map, bike lock, bag, raincoat, and helmet for the ride so you really just need to bring a camera and water. Always a good time, I never get tired of this bike ride and highly recommend it!

Leo O.

YOU MUST DO THIS! A must do when you visit Maui – highly recommended. This was the highlight of our trip – the best part! The price is extremely affordable and it will be a memory that will last a lifetime. The tour started off right with the ride up. Adam, our guide was very informative with facts about Hawaii. He kept us entertained with stories and answered any questions we had. He also gave us some tips and advice on places and things to check out on our ride. The view once we got to the top was amazing and it never stopped. The entire way down was beautiful. We stopped at local fruit stands, a restaurant, said hi to the friendly horses, and did this all at our own pace. They made sure we were safe, comfortable at moving at our own pace and gave us so much information about the island. We will 100% be back!

Tara T.

My girlfriend and I did the self-guided descent down Haleakala from 6500ft. We booked it a couple days in advance, no problem. The website told us exactly what we needed to bring and what they provided.

Remy gave us a great safety briefing before piling everyone in the van and starting off up the hill. On the ride up he pointed out some nice places to stop at in historic Makawao, shared some entertaining local trivia, and generally made us all feel at home.

The actual ride down was great. The single speed mountain bikes easily went 30mph and had great brakes, but didn’t encourage us to go dangerously fast. We got a tasty lunch at the Italian place in Makawao and checked out some trinket stores. “Agony Hill” was easily dealt with, and we made it back to the shop without incident.

Highly recommended!

Jake M.

What a great time! I have zero complaints. Remy was our driver and he was amazing! Full of knowledge and had a great sense of humor. It is self guided which was great compared to prior times that I’ve done guided tours with other companies. We were able to stop and check out shops, have lunch, take pictures and just take it all in. We will be back!
Ashley W.

Ah-mazing Downhill Cruise on Haleakala! I have lived on Maui for 10 years and have never biked down Haleakala. I finally had the opportunity to bike down Haleakala this week, it was a GAME CHANGER! I was welcomed by Crystal and Jeff who turned out to be the new owners. They both have had quite the track record and continue to of biking all over the world which made me see their passion for Maui Sunriders more apparent. Their employees Rocco and Remy made the experience even more exquisite. I rode in Remy’s van and I learned more about Maui on the 45 min van ride up than I have in a year!! Remy spirit is vivacious and super attentive to any of your needs and questions. Once we arrived at the dropzone, we were on our way down Haleakala. What an insane perspective it was being on a bike versus a car. I could go into detail of how I felt cruising down but I will let you experience that feeling mentally and physically on your own!! Thank you Maui Sun Riders for providing a new love for downhill biking. I highly recommend to locals and visitors alike!!! ps. You have the whole day to cruise around on your bike, take advantage of all the great shopping and good eats along the way!

Erica S.

Amazing ride and amazing service. Amazing ride and the people that work there are really fun, funny. I recommend for friends and family you see a lot of things. Things that you really don’t get to see in a car so I recommend.

Uriel B.

Sweet experience. Loved every twist and turn of the ride from the drop-off point along Haleakalā Highway. The slopes weren’t as daunting as I originally thought it would be. Views of the island were incredible. Jacob as our guide was awesome, super personable, made the ride up fun with his jokes and insight, and took a great picture of me and my girlfriend in our bike gear.
Adrian F.

I booked a self-guided tour with Maui Sunriders to ride down the Haleakala. I actually live on Maui, did my homework and knew that the bus drops the group off at the entrance gates to the park (6500 feet). My hope was to climb the remaining 3500 feet to get to the top of the volcano at 10k feet. The folks at Maui Sunriders were awesome, supportive and helpful in making that a reality. The experience was awesome. So many positive things to mention: – Owners walked everyone individually through their equipment and let them choose the right helmet and gear (gloves, wind proof jacket etc.) – When I told them about my hope to climb up the volcano, they offered me to upgrade by bike to the SCOTT Aspect 940 mountain bike, which had a great handling. – Our bus driver Remy was fun, entertaining and knowledgable and gave a safety briefing that was memorable and hit on all the important points. – Equipment was top notch quality and clean (important during CoVid-19 times) Loved the experience. The climb up to the top was stunning and the ride down exhilarating. Maui Sunriders is awesome. I will be back!!!

Michael K.

These guys are really up to their task! VERY good equipped with any possible gear you may need for your trip. Even if you just came out of the ocean, they will have all you need t ride down the volcano: back pack, locker, rain jacket, even pants! The guid Reimy was funny, smart, attentive and Hawwain relaxed :). Service was very good. Tour was great. Do not ruch! Take your time on the tour and enjoy coffee in a small towns 🙂


This is a fantastic way to see the views from Haleakala, you get a nice leisurely drive up to the top then you get to cycle down as fast or as slow as you like, stopping off on the way. At first I was a bit apprehensive as you are on the main road however the traffic is fairly light and wasn’t a problem at all. Great service from Remy and the team and everything’s provided including a windbreak which you’ll need at the top so you can’t go wrong.
Grey O.

GREAT RIDE FOR ALL FAMILY! The ride downhill Haleakalā volcano is just great with wonderful views. The team is wonderful, super friendly and giving a lot of tips and advice on the tour but also for more general visit of Maui. Our driver, Raphael, was really interesting with his view as a native from Maui and super friendly. Highly recommended. If you know how to ride a bike you can do it!

Carol L.

This is by far the best tour on the island!!! They are so nice and helpful! There are other bike tours but this is truly the best! All their equipment and bikes are top notch! Everything is clean and new, not like other rental places. Try it! You will love it!

Linx M.

Ahhhhh-mazing! My anxiousness wore off once I got acclimated to the downhill slopes – it was simply FUN, FREEING & EXHILARATING! Truly, a super easy ride…YOU can absolutely do this – it felt so good to finish! All you need to do is listen to the rules + tips from the guide (Remy) on your way up to the drop point. The bikes & equipment were solid quality – I felt safe! The shop was clean & well organized. I loved that it was self-guided, at your own pace allowing us to stop at a sweet little town Makawao where the shops were great and the eats so good! I recommend Maui Sunriders without reservation, owners Jeff & Crystal were full of human-kindness, sharing experiences, giving encouragement before the ride and providing great post-ride tips on where to go & what to see while on the island!! They were beyond helpful, customer service was top notch! Mahalo Maui Sunriders Bike Co.!!!!


Without a doubt, Maui Sunriders is the best! Booked a tour with them last weekend and it was just simply amazing! We were lucky enough to have the owners, Jeff and Crystal join as well! The views are spectacular, the crew was amazing! A Maui must do for certain!!!!!
Rob J.

Amazing experience! Knowledgeable And passionate business. From start to finish every mile was incredible. Would do it again!!!
Chantel H.

I loved not having to get up super early to do the ride down the volcano. Remy was our driver and did an excellent job going over safety tips and pointing out things on the the way up the mountain.  He had good sense of humor. They provide a jacket, pants, gloves, helmet, bike lock, backpack and of course a good bike.  I was a little nervous at first when we started out. After a few turns, I relaxed and enjoyed it. It was very exhilarating!  I am so glad we here chose this company.  Much cheaper than other companies. Loved riding at our own pace.  Would definitely do it again.
Connie E.

Exactly what I was looking for – start time was 9am (not crazy early), they had all the gear, gloves, helmets, jacket, backpack with a lock and you can return the bike by about 4pm. We took our time riding down at our own pace, took a nice long lunch at the Mexican restaurant on the way down (seafood enchilada was great!). Folks friendly and we had a great experience with this company. Also, they don’t penalize you for booking late – we booked the night before and there was no additional charge (like some of the competitors do).
Ovi S.

An Awesome Experience Downhilling on your Own!!!
If you’re considering doing a downhill bike ride absolutely use these guys. They are super professional, they put safety first and they give you the low-down honest scoop on the bike ride and sunrise thing. We did the self-guided ride down from the entrance to Haleakala and it was an amazing morning. No crowds, no schedule, perfect weather and had he Maui Sunriders just a phone call away.

An absolutely terrific experience.

And if you’re worried or thinking of not doing this – don’t. We are an older couple in our later 50’s and had no problems and just a great time.

Mike S.

BEST EXPERIENCE HANDS DOWN! I highly recommend this company. And I truly recommend the tour guide free experience. Which is what this company offers. It’s such an easy ride down sloping 99% of the time so gravity does the work not you. Anyone can truly do this, Whether you are in shape or not, don’t be scared it’s doable. Also the tour free experience allows you to enjoy the towns, the farms, and make as many photo stops as you’d like. The driver explains the entire route on the way up, you go in a van. So there’s NO WAY to get lost if you pay attention while the driver is explaining the do’s and dont’s. Bring cash so you can pay at the shops and tip the amazing drivers. They even stored our luggage for us ! Very warm and inviting business. I will definitely do this again with this same company.

AN ABSOLUTE BLAST! We’ve been to Maui four times, but this was our first bike ride. I will do it again, every visit from now on! The driver/guide, Remy, was knowledgeable and fun, and made sure we were prepared and safe. Plus, he made us laugh and took great photos. There were six of us, and we were were able to stick together, despite differing levels of bravery and comfort with the bikes. Bonus tip: let the athletic go first and put the nurturer at the rear! We took our time, giving way to the pipi (cows); stopping to gawk at horses, goats, chickens, beautiful flowers and vistas; having lunch at Kula Lodge and buying coconut peanut butter in their gift shop. Then another break admiring the galleries and elegant trinkets in Makawao.

Just Do It!


BEST ADVENTURE! Oh what fun it is to ride down Haleakala! They provided excellent equipment and bikes, with the most comfortable seats. Remy was our driver up the volcano and he did and exceptional job pointing out highlight for us to check out on our bike ride. JEFF provided additional information for us to check out during the remainder of our trip. Overall it was a fabulous excursion thanks so much!


Absolutely awesome experience. Great, friendly staff. The tour was about 45 min drive up with a great guide who had a lot of cool facts about the island. They sized the bikes up perfectly, great bikes for their purpose. single speed bikes, 99% of the tour is downhill, only peddled for MAYBE 50 yards of the 23.3 mile route. They had some great recommendations for places to stop on they way down. A MUST stop is the Rodeo General Store in Makawao. Get the Poke.


BEST DAY EVER! One of the best things we did on our vacation was booking a tour with Maui Sun Riders! My wife was a bit intimidated at first but ended up loving every minute of it. There is nothing to be scared of unless you don’t like amazing views, awesome people and a really good time. I would highly recommend this to just about anyone! I’d do this again in a heartbeat!

Chris B.

One of the best parts of our trip! The weather was perfect and it was so cool to see how you traveled through different ecosystems as you made your way down the mtn. Our guide was a native and was so helpful in detailing places to stop as well as giving a history of the area! They provided bikes, helmets, rain jacket & pants (in case you needed them), a backpack (with bike locks & a map), and a guided van ride up the mtn. 10/10 would recommend!

Alyssa O.

We are so thankful we chose Maui Sunriders! Remy provided us with a great background tour up the mountain and we enjoyed riding down at our own pace. You really don’t need to peDal, and if you think you can’t handle it, just know you can do it. It’s a must when you’re in Maui. I would do it again and again.

Make sure you wear your rain gear as the weather can change. It was pouring rain down the mountain and we were thankful we were protected with the rain gear provided by Maui Sunriders. The rain eventually cleared up. We seen chickens, roosters, and horses along the way which was nice. The smell of eucalyptus along the ride was beautiful. Just know you can’t go wrong with this ride and make sure you stop for some nachos at Polli’s Cantina in Paia before you turn in your bike.

Davina F.

The bike down the volcano was so much fun. We’re on vacation and have to wake up early for work all the time, so when we saw that they offer a tour that meets at 0900, we were all in. Remy, our guide was very informative and made sure we knew the route exactly. The shop offers a bike, windbreaker, pants, a backpack, helmet and bike locks for the trip. Oh, and of course a ride up to 6500 feet… Just outside the park. From there it was up to us to get our way back to the shop by 4. It was great being able to take off on our own because there was a bickering family with kids we didn’t want to have to deal with. Once Remy said “go” we shot down the hill as fast as our bikes could take us. After getting a sizable lead, we took our time stopping for photos and of course coffee and lunch. Since we didn’t have to be up at the crack of dawn, there was plenty of energy left for us to surf in the afternoon. If you like sleeping in a bit, this is the tour for you! Hopefully you get Remy as a guide too!
Aaron P.

Really knowledgable staff, told us all about the area on the drive up and taught us how to safely ride back down. Beautiful scenic ride where you get to see multiple towns and so many good restaurants/shopping. Spoke to the owners at the end of the ride and they were so helpful and recommended some of the best places and things to do on the Island. You can really tell they care about the customers and want you to have the best experience possible
Kitty M.

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