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Self-Guided Downhill

Want a relaxing, inspiring, and yet exhilarating adventure in Maui? Our self-paced Maui bike tours from the mountain to the sea along the slopes of Haleakala offer a unique biking experience, it lets you be a part of the scenery and really experience what it’s like to ride down all the way to the beach. A self-paced bike ride offers greater freedom and relaxation than the usual guided Maui bike tours. Instead of riding in a large group as in a guided Haleakala volcano tour, our riders ride at their pace stopping where they’d like to stop.

Our self-paced Haleakala bike tours allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and quaint shops in various small towns along the way on your timetable and in your comfort zone. With our self-paced Haleakala bike tours, you can immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Upcountry Maui without the cumbersome restrictions of a large group. In fact, we only offer our Haleakala Downhill as Self-Guided because we firmly believe it is the safest way to cruise down the volcano.

Safety is Top Priority

Your safety is our highest priority. To ensure you have the safest and best Maui bike ride possible, we use only top of the line biking equipment and make sure that our bikes are maintained daily by our certified bike mechanics. In addition to the pre-ride safety briefing, our experienced tour guides give you detailed instructions on how best to use our equipment and our roads for your utmost safety and enjoyment. We direct bikers to the safest bike route on Haleakala and while you’re biking at your own pace, you’re not left totally on your own. We always offer roadside assistance if you need anything along the way, just call us and we’ll be there to help.

The reason we don’t offer a guided haleakala downhill tours is also for your safety as guided groups can be problematic to local traffic making it difficult for drivers to pass. It can also be difficult for varying abilities to either keep up or slow down to stay with the whole group. Riding in a big guided group can be dangerous if a rider directly in front of you suddenly brakes. The tail vans they provide blocking traffic make it difficult on local and tourist drivers on the road, making drivers more upset and aggressive. We only provide self-guided Haleakala Downhill tours and we make sure every rider we send down the road is capable to bike down.

The time of day we ride makes a difference. We have heard from our guests that Haleakala sunrise bike rides can be unnerving with all the cars coming down from Sunrise. On top of that you would enter town during local rush hour traffic – when families are trying to take their kids to school and get to work. That’s why we meet at 9am and your typically riding by 10:30am. Less cars on the road, less impact to local families and all the shops are open to explore! 

Best Prices – Best Value

Maui Sunriders offers some of the lowest-priced Maui bike tours of the Haleakala route around! Part of the reason why is we don’t add in all kinds of unnecessary extras. Our Prices are Low because we don’t include the following and Here is Why:

Meals, snacks, beverages

Why eat where someone tells you to eat when you have so many amazing options to choose from along the route. From the Kula Lodge, Sandalwoods, Polli’s Mexican restaurant, Cassanova’s Italian, Komoda’s Donuts, maybe a quick bite or coffee at the General Store. Maybe you want to ride straight down and eat lunch in Paia. This day is yours by design.  
***We do have Bottled Water, energy drinks, vitamin waters, cold coffees and more for sale if you’re thirsty! We also have mix of snacks for sale if you need something to nibble on.

Hotel pick-ups

Do you really want to be stuck in a shuttle van an hour before and after your ride stopping at everyone’s hotel around the island? Our guests meet us at our store in Paia, this allows us to keep our operating costs lower, and actually affords guests more of an opportunity to see Maui. What do we mean? Well, instead of being transported directly back to your hotel, biking guests ride back down all the way to our shop in Paia. Afterward, you can explore the town of Paia, its beautiful beaches, and other aspects of the North Shore area. Thus, this self-paced way of biking down Haleakala volcano offers several advantages. You can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable ride at your own pace while afterward sightseeing around the North Shore, all at a much lower cost than traditional guided biking tours.

National Park crater viewings

Our tour begins where EVERY BIKE tour Operator legally can begin their ride and that is right outside the National Park Entrance gate at 6500 feet. Some companies include entrance into the park for a HUGE additional expense. Tours that include entrance range from roughly $180-$220 per person. After your viewing you get back into the van and drive down to the same starting point we begin at. We don’t feel this is the best value to pass on to our customers. We recommend guests to enter the park on their own for a single $30 per car entrance fee. Whether you catch a sunrise or sunset, there are many ways to still view the crater at a fraction of the cost.

Brick & MORTAR: In-House Mechanics & Daily Gear Cleaning

Some operations meet you at a park and run a business from their home or elsewhere. We’re proud to have been located in part of the local Downtown Paia community since 2001 at 71 Baldwin Ave, Paia, Hi.

We have in-house certified mechanics that look over the bikes daily in our bike shop. We check tires, air pressure, brakes, wheels and more. These bikes get miles and miles of daily downhilling. Rest assured we are checking your bikes!

When you return your gear to our shop, rest assured, we clean our gear after every use. First, our helmets get thoroughly blown out with compressed air. Then we use an antibacterial-virus cleaner that removes 99% of all viruses to thoroughly wipe down all aspects of the helmet. Finally, our helmets and gear go through a 3-day first-in, last out system to ensure optimal freshness.

We are avid mountain bikers and road bikers that care and want you to have a safe, exhilarating and fun experience.


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