Many visit our beautiful Valley Isle just for its pristine beaches. Hanging out, being a Maui beach bum for the day, is definitely a must on your vacation. Many relax down at the beach after their Haleakalā sunrise bike tour, or guests can simply use our Maui bike rentals to explore Maui’s gorgeous beaches on their own.

Instead of just staying at the beach by your hotel, why not venture out to some of the other beaches on Maui’s beautiful shores? Maui has so many great beaches. You have to visit at least a few on your trip.

So to help you along your beach exploration, we’ve made a list of some of Maui’s best beaches and some of the Maui activities you can do while you’re there.

Baldwin Beach

Located about a mile from our shop in Paia is the beautiful white sand Baldwin Beach. This is a great Maui beach to go to after your Haleakalā bike tour. There is actually a nice bike trail down to Baldwin Beach from the town of Paia. Based on availability, we offer daily Maui bike rentals for those who want to just take a bike out for the day. Noted as one of Maui’s most beautiful white sand beaches, Baldwin is a favorite spot for locals with protected swimming areas and lifeguards on the east and west ends of the beach. At Baldwin Beach Park, there are open air tables, grills, showers, and a covered pavilion if you want enjoy a picnic at the beach after your Haleakalā bike tour.

Ho’okipa Beach

Maui Activities Wind Surfing

Also not too far from Paia along the Hana Highway on the North Shore is Ho’okipa Beach. Known as the “windsurfing capital of the world,” Ho’okipa is a great place to stop and watch world-class windsurfers and surfing professionals take on the large winter waves from either the beach or nearby picnic areas.

There’s no other beach like it on all of Maui!

Also a popular spot among locals, Ho’okipa has pavilions, grills, tables, showers, and restrooms where you can enjoy a nice picnic lunch and watch all the action, even possibly a windsurfing competition. You may even see some Hawaiian green sea turtles make their way up the shore. So stop by on your way home from your Haleakalā sunrise bike tour and watch the sunset at this gorgeous Maui beach.

DT Fleming Beach

In West Maui, there’s a terrific spot for relaxing in the sun – DT Fleming Beach Park at Honokahua Bay. This beautiful long, sandy beach offers a great view and a great place to go boogie boarding or body boarding. With picnic tables, grills, restrooms, etc., this park is perfect for enjoying a sunset picnic or a full day at the beach. Although there is a nice shoreline that gets gradually deeper as you walk out, there can be some pretty powerful waves and strong rip currents so caution can be needed in the surf. The DT Fleming Beach is named for David Thomas Fleming who introduced pineapple to West Maui as a commercial crop.

Ka’anapali Beach

black rock maui

One of Maui’s most well-known beaches is Ka’anapali Beach in West Maui. A mile-long pristine beach lined with resorts, shops, and restaurants, Ka’anapali Beach is one of the premier tourist destinations in Maui. This signature white sand beach is home to the famous cliff area at north end known as Black Rock, where a cliff diver nightly lights a ceremonial torch and dives off the cliff into the Pacific. Along with the chance to cliff jump, this Black Rock area offers some excellent snorkeling and diving along its underwater reefs. The water here in some places can experience strong currents so caution is needed. For those who just want to enjoy the view, there’s a paved walking path along the beach passing in front of the resorts and shops.

Big Beach (Makena)

In the southern part of Maui, you’ll find a breathtakingly beautiful sandy beach known as Big Beach or Makena Beach that’s a little less touristy than other Maui beaches. South of Wailea, Big Beach is one of Maui’s largest beaches with long and dramatically wide shorelines, making it a great spot for sunbathing amid awesome views of Molokini and Kahoolawe. The waves can be pretty intense with on-shore breaks, so swim with caution if you are inexperienced, especially in high surf, but there is a lifeguard on duty. Big Beach offers a spectacular sunset view, beautiful blue/green water, and a more out-of-the-way beach location than some of the more frequented Maui beaches.

Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu)

red sand beach maui

If you’re still up for a little more adventure after your Haleakalā bike tour, you might travel on the Hana Highway just south of Hana Bay to the attention-grabbing Red Sand Beach on Kaihalulu Bay. You’ll have to take a small hike to get to this unique cove beach filled with deep red-black sand. The distinctive red sand comes from the cinder hill surrounding the secluded beach. Be careful when hiking to the beach as the path can be steep, narrow, and a bit slippery so good shoes are important. Swimming is generally not advised here because of the strong currents (Kaihalulu actually means “roaring sea”), but the amazing scenery is worth the journey to this unique beach.

These are just a few of Maui’s most beautiful beaches. Others you may want to visit include the Black Sand Beach on the Hana Highway, Hamoa Beach, Kapalua Beach, and Wailea Beach. Check out some of these awesome Maui beaches on your way home from your Haleakalā volcano tour!