Biking enthusiasts love Maui for its beautiful and yet diverse scenery. Maui biking trails can vary, from peaceful rides by the beach to challenging singletracks up Maui’s majestic mountains. No matter which Maui biking trail you take, you’re sure to see some amazingly beautiful sights. So if you’re planning a visit to the island soon, schedule some time to take a ride in this biker’s paradise and test your Maui mountain bike skills on the roads and trails below.

Haleakalā Bike Tour

Of course, every cyclist should bike Haleakalā at least once. Our Haleakalā Downhill bike tour starts at 6500′ feet where all bike tours are permitted on Maui to begin their rides. Wind downhill through the beautiful Upcountry of Maui and stop at little shops and towns along the way down to the sea. Our downhill Haleakalā bike tours are self-guided and allow you to explore around at your own pace.

The most advanced cyclists may want to traverse Haleakalā uphill, or maybe just part of it. Biking all the way up Haleakalā has been called “one of the most difficult bike climbs in the world” with gradients reaching up to 18% over 36 miles. Every year the toughest of cyclists climb Haleakalā in a race known as the Cycle to the Sun on the “longest, steepest paved road on the planet.”

But for most of us, biking down Haleakalā is the best choice for a Maui bike ride. The downhill Haleakalā bike tour is unquestionably an absolute must-do bike ride for those who want to see all the unique beauty Upcountry Maui has to offer.

Kahakapao Loop

For mountain bikers who want a more rigorous Maui bike ride, Kahakapao Loop is the trail to take. This singletrack bike ride in the Makawao Forest winds through “stands of eucalyptus, cook pines, and tropical ash,” the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition noted. Starting on the east side loop and riding clockwise, this steady climb has an average grade of 7.7%. “As a climb, the trail can be easy or challenging depending on the pace at which you ride,” the Coalition said. “As a descent, this trail gives cyclists speed and flow.” This singletrack through dense forests has roots and tight corners to look out for, and it’s not recommended to ride in wet conditions as it can get very slick.

West Maui Loop

west maui bike rideThe West Maui Loop bike ride is another awesome Maui bike ride to take on your vacation. Along with the Haleakalā bike tour and Hana Highway, West Maui is one of the most scenic bike rides in Maui. This challenging ride runs along the beautiful shorelines of northwest Maui. Because it is a loop, you can start and stop almost at any point along the bike ride. If you did ride the entire West Maui Loop, it would be about 60 miles. On the northern side of the loop, the road turns from a two-lane paved road into a one-lane winding road along cliffs, so great caution is needed. Because it gets windier as the day goes on, it’s best to start out early, but be careful because the roads can also be slick from dew or rain.

Along your bike through West Maui, you’ll see beautiful Honolua Bay, which is a great surfing break where many professional surfers come to test their skills. Then stop to see the Nakalele Blowhole just outside Honokohau Bay. Further on at the Kahakuloa Village, you can stop and have a bite to eat at the local banana bread stand before you continue on the meandering path. With its picturesque stops at every turn, the West Maui Loop is definitely another can’t-miss Maui bike ride.

If you love biking and want to explore Maui a little further, we offer bike rentals in Maui in addition to our self-paced bike tours. With our daily Maui bike rentals, you can rent the bike and equipment, along with a vehicle bike rack, and then the bike is yours to enjoy for the day. Call for more details.

Experience some of the most thrilling and enjoyable mountain bike rides on earth by taking one of these amazing Maui bike rides through this gorgeous island.