What’s more beautiful than visiting a tropical paradise like Maui and getting to try some new and exotic fruits?

Now imagine how easy it is to get them directly from a roadside stand or farmers market. Yes, it just keeps getting better. In fact Hawaii grows a variety of exotic / tropical fruits yearly, producing more cycles of fruit per year. When tropical fruit is in season in Hawaii be sure to try it and experience the fresh and truly delicious taste for yourself.

Keep an eye out for fruit stands on your Maui bike tour as you make your way down Haleakalā. Fruit is a refreshing treat along the Haleakalā volcano bike tour.


Round in shape with smooth bright yellow skin, Abiu has a creamy, sweet, juicy flesh which has been described as tasting like Creme Caramel. It is best eaten slightly chilled, which makes for a delicious, healthy exotic dessert.


Abiu. Photo courtesy of Capetrib.com.au

Surinam Cherry

Surinam cherries taste different to regular cherries. They are about the same size as a cherry and can have a tart taste. Usually, the deeper the red, the sweeter the fruit.

surinam cherries

Surinam Cherries. Photo courtesy of Mauijungalow.com

Velvet Apple

Recognized as a Persimmon relative, the Velvet Apple fruit has a creamy white to yellowish white flesh which contains several large flat seeds. There are some seedless varieties.


Velvet Apple

Peanut Butter Fruit

While no relation to peanut butter, the fruit produces a small orange-red fruit with sticky, dense pulp and a flavor resembling that of dried figs or peanut butter, hence the name.


Peanut Butter Fruit. Photo courtesy of CostaRicaMap, via Flickr

Poha Berry

Poha Berry is a small berry that grows on a low bush at high elevations. The fruit is sweet with a slight tartness and contains many seeds. A popular fruit berry in Hawaii, the Poha Berry bush produces a sweet and tart like berry with a smooth, waxy orange skin.


Poha Berry. Photo courtesy of Kukuiula.com

Egg Fruit

This fruit’s texture resembles a hard-boiled egg yolk that is sweet and savory while smooth and creamy at the same time. It is known as the “pumpkin pie” fruit with a taste similar to both pumpkin and sweet potato.


Egg Fruit. Photo courtesy of kukuiula.com

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