Travel sites love to tell you about exciting things you should add to your personal “bucket list.”

Fortunately for us, visiting Maui is usually already on most people’s travel bucket list! So, we’d like to suggest a few things to check off to make your trip to Maui very memorable!

5. Sample the beaches-there’s white sand, black sand, and red sand beaches! Only in Maui.

4. Travel the Road to Hana– You’ve heard of the Highway 1 Coastal Drive in California (it may be on your bucket list!)- well this is like that, only in MAUI. A gorgeous coastal drive, on the east coast from the village of Paia to the town of Hana, features cliffside views, waterfalls, beaches, and rainforests.

3. Try some pineapple wine! Our friends at Maui Wine have the only winery on Maui. It’s truly amazing!

2. Zipline through a rainforest! After you’ve had a little liquid courage, book a zipline tour. Our friends at North Shore Zipline Company offers canopy tours and Camp Maui, which we hear is the most fun you have have on a wire!

and last, but not least…

1. Bike the Volcano!

The Hawaiian islands are volcanic in nature, and were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. Maui’s volcanic peak is called Mt. Haleakalā is known as a the “house of the sun.” Viewing the sunrise from the summit in the Haleakalā National Park is one of the most memorable thing you can do on Maui!

Maui Sunrider’s Sunrise Tour is the best on the island! We provide all the gear, the transportation, and guides you need to view the sunrise and explore the countryside as you take your time biking down the lush mountainside. Your self-paced tour will take you from the mountain to the sea! The pace is yours to set- stop and explore the shops and restaurants along the way, admire the stunning views and feel the rush as you lean into the hairpin turns.

We also offer Summit Tours and daily Bike Rentals.

There you have it— our humble, totally not-biased-at-all recommendations for a “bucket list”-worthy activities on Maui. We look forward to hosting you when you make it to Maui!