5932957204_412f9a8196If you’re traveling to the beautiful island of Maui, packing right is essential to getting the most out of your adventure, all the way from the beautiful beaches to the peak of the Haleakalā volcano. Pack according to what you’ll need for biking in Maui and any other planned activities. It’s a good idea to make a master list a few weeks ahead of time to give yourself a change to think of everything!

Pack for temperature variations (think layers!)

Maui daytime temperatures are typically a beautiful 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the climate ranges from its coldest in January to its hottest peak in August. Throughout the year, temperatures can drop at night, so be prepared for these island temperature fluctuations with flexible clothing that can be easily layered.

Shorts and a T-shirt might be perfect for the day, but you’ll want to make sure and pack pants and a light jacket for the evenings. Winter is the wettest season in Maui, so come prepared for a little rain. We do provide rain and wind gear for your Maui bike tours, including gloves, jackets, and pants if you need them.

Prepare for the summit

Although the Maui climate is beautifully moderate closer to sea level, temperatures at the peak of Haleakalā can dip all the way to 40 degrees in the early hours of the morning. High up on the volcano at 10,000 feet above sea level, it can of course, be very windy! Especially if your taking the Haleakalā sunrise tour, prepare for the chilly mountain air with a warm jacket and accessories like a hat and gloves. If you don’t feel like hauling your jacket—or even a warm blanket—down the mountain, your Maui Sunriders guides will be happy to drive them down to the shop for you to pick up after the bike ride.

maui bike tour

Dress appropriately for biking in Maui

As you make your way down, you’ll be most comfortable wearing easily removable layers. Start with a light base layer—sweat-wicking synthetic materials are recommended—and add on from there. As you prepare for the descent, lose enough layers so you’re just slightly chilly. Although our self-paced bike tours are almost entirely downhill, you will warm up a bit once you get moving. By the time you reach the base, you’ll probably be in shorts and a T-shirt! You don’t need to be dressed in full spandex, but nor should you wear extra baggy clothing that can get caught up in your bike—find a casual middle ground to stay comfortable and safe!

Accessorize (but not too much)

Think through the various items you’ll need to stay comfortable and record your memorable trip. Sun glasses, sun screen, hats, and cameras are always recommended. Don’t get too carried away though, the real adventure is found in the places and experiences you discover along the way. Plus, you don’t want to be bogged down with too much heavy gear that could get lost or damaged, especially on your Haleakalā bike tour. Consider bringing a change of clothes for after the tour, perhaps including a swimsuit or nicer outfit for dinner in Paia.


Keep it together!

Make sure to travel with a comfortable, functional backpack to hold your personal items and extra layers. If you need one for your Haleakalā bike ride, backpacks are available from Maui Sunriders as part of your tour. Especially on your bike ride, travel light and save some room for anything you might pick up along the way. The quaint coastal town of Paia offers a variety of fun shopping opportunities once you finish your descent.

Make arrangements for home (pro-tip!)

Planning for your big Maui adventure isn’t just about what you bring with you. Along with your packing list, start to make a list of tasks to take care of around the house. Make arrangements for your pets, house, and mail. It also never hurts to alert your credit card company to the fact that you’ll be going out of town. When it comes time to travel, you will want to be able to leave it all behind and focus completely on the adventure ahead!

(airport photo via Ray_from_LA via Flickr)