Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? Why not enjoy the best that the islands have to offer by cruising around on a bike? Cycling is not only an excellent way to enjoy the sights and attractions of Hawaii. It is also a great way to meet people and get a glimpse of the local culture up close. It also gives you the chance to get a good workout, which is always a plus! 

How to Make sure you have a bike in Hawaii 

But how do you get a hold of a bike in Hawaii? Unless you live there or have a friend willing to lend you a bike for the duration of your stay, your options are: 

  • Purchase a bike when you get there 
  • Rent a bike in Hawaii 
  • Ship your bike to Hawaii 
  • Fly with your bike to Hawaii

The first option may not seem practical at first. If you aren’t staying on the islands for an extended period–or for good–you may think that you’ll have to sell your bike when you leave.  Additionally, you can often sell your bike on the islands for nearly what you paid for it due to the high demand for bicycles.

Our advice would be to rent a bike from Maui Sunriders. We offer a wide range of quality cycling equipment, including bikes of all sizes and designs.

We’ll get to more on what we have to offer for bike rentals here at Maui Sunriders in a bit…for now, let’s take a look at your other options. 

Shipping a bike to Hawaii 

Are you thinking of shipping your bike to Hawaii? The cost of doing so isn’t cheap, as you might imagine. But it isn’t as excessive as you might have expected either. 

Companies such as Overnight Bikes, BikeFlights, and ShipBikes charge fairly reasonable rates for shipping a bike across the ocean. They cater to professional cyclists, triathletes, and industry professionals, so you can be reasonably sure that your bike will get to the intended destination in one piece. 

Checking your bike in on a flight 

Another option is to check your bike in as baggage on your flight. In recent years, major airlines have been moving (slowly!) toward accepting packaged bicycles as standard luggage. The following major airlines fall into this category:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines

Airlines handle bicycles slightly differently, and their max weight/size for packaged bicycles may differ as well. While flying with a bicycle is become more common across the board, it’s worth checking the details for the airline you are flying with to avoid any hiccups on travel day!

Renting a bike from Maui Sunriders

The likely simplest answer is one we’ve already mentioned before – renting a bike from us! We have an extensive fleet of new and high-quality bikes, with more models added all the time. 

Our rental fleet consists of everything from carbon / aluminum road bikes, full suspensions, hardtails, e-bikes, 3-speeds crusiers, or single-speeds. We pride ourselves in keeping our bikes in ready-to-ride condition at all times!

Our advice would be to rent a bike from Maui Sunriders. This way, you ensure a high-quality ride with none of the hassles of shipping a bike halfway around the world. Plus, you are spared considerable worry and expense, making it easier for you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Cycling is a great way to explore the best that Hawaii has to offer. Whether you are looking to cruise the town, head down to the beach, or explore the many fascinating bike paths on the islands, a bike will get you there in convenience and style.