makawao-sidewalk-shadow-guyThis little upcountry town is sure to be the most charming small town you’ll experience on Maui. Don’t be surprised to see people walking around town with cowboy boots on, or even riding horses. This is Paniolo country after all.

Makawao is located at the intersection of Makawao Avenue and Baldwin Avenue on the Northwest side of Haleakalā. The Nearest town to Makawao is Pukalani. About 7 miles down Baldwin from Makawao is the small town of Paia.hitchingpost

Depending on what time and how you arrive in Makawao, parking could be a challenge, so if you arrive by bicycle you’re in luck! There’s even a historic hitching post that reminds us that horses used to line these streets back in the day.

If you just rode down the Haleakalā on a bike, this is the first town you come to. When you arrive in the afternoon you might be ready for a cup of coffee and donuts or lunch. Here’s a short list of places to get food and tasty Makawao goodness.


Cassanova Italian Restaurant and Deli Express

Casanova has a little “deli express”. The lunch and dinner part of the restaurant opens midday. You might find nightly entertainment here as well.

Makawao Rodeo General Store

The Makawao General Store is also open early and offers coffee and more.

SipMe Coffee Shop

One of my favorite places is SipMe Coffee Shop. It’s open all week and has fresh coffee, locally sourced treats and Wifi.

Polly’s Mexican Restaurant

If you’re ready for lunch or dinner, this is the place to get affordable Mexican food made with an upcountry flair.

T Komoda Store and Bakery

Hours vary so check the day before to be sure it’s open when you’re in town. Komodas is well know locally because it’s been around forever (since 1916, really). The fresh baked goodies are amazing, especially the donuts on a stick! They do close on Sundays & Wednesdays.

Satori Sushi Truck

Our specialty is serving quality sushi made with fresh Hawaiian fish and local farm to table produce. We also serve ramen, kombucha on tap, and appetizers, all using top tier ingredients. Our entire menu is gluten free and dairy free and half our menu is vegan featuring gourmet veggie rolls.

Habibi Middle Eastern

Middle eastern fusion cafe specializing in Shawarmas, mezza platters and house made pizzas. Pita bread made fresh daily.

History and More


Makawao has history. Best place to find out more is at the Makawao History Museum right in town. Walking around Makawao you’ll be immersed in a sense of history. Everywhere you look there are hints a how things used to be. In the meantime, here’s an article we wrote about Makawao that shares some of the history and more –

Websites to find out more information about Makawao and the surrounding area

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In the event you’re heading down to Paia for lunch, we’ve written an article that will give you insight into what you’ll find in Paia –

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