Paia Bike Path Maui

Kihei To Paia Cycling Route – Beginner

18 miles, 300’ elevation gain

A flat, straightforward ride connecting our Maui Sunriders locations via two of the best bike paths on the island!

What bike will I ride on Maui?

Planning a cycling trip to Maui? The idyllic island is an excellent cycling destination for cyclists, with a number of world-class road routes and a couple of mountain bike trail networks. Check out some details on how to bring your bike with you, or consider renting a bike from us. 

Here at Maui Sunriders, we offer a fleet of rental bikes on Maui. Maui Sunriders is your destination for high-end road bikes, full suspensions, hardtails, e-bikes, 3-speeds, or single-speeds. Our top-notch staff of cycling enthusiasts will be excited to help you find the right bike for your adventure (at either of our locations...Paia, Kihei, or Lahaina!).

Cruise through the heart of the island of Maui.

Start by turning right out of our Kihei shop and following the road straight. Continue straight until you hit the Maui Veterans Highway. Once there, hop on the bike path that runs parallel to the highway and follow it until the road becomes S Puunene Ave. Continue straight onward through Kahului (the busiest section of the route – stay alert!) until the road ends at W Kaaumanu Ave.

Wait for a break in traffic, then turn right and slowly cross over the road to get into the leftmost lane. The road will split, and you’ll want to stay left! At the second stop sign, you’ll turn left onto Hobron Ave, and then take a quick right on Amala Ave. After a couple of miles, Aamala Ave ends. Continue onwards onto the Paia bike path. You’ll head east around the ocean side of the airport, and then the path continues along the Hana highway. After a few short miles, you’ll finish up in downtown Paia. 

Be sure to stop into any of the local Paia restaurants for some delicious eats! If you need suggestions, be sure to pop into our Paia shop! Our shop is located at 71 Baldwin Ave – slightly up the hill after you turn right at the stoplight downtown.

Invert this route to bring you all the way back to our Kihei location (becomes a 36-mile, 600’ elevation gain day!).

Conor O'Brian

Conor O'Brian

Maui Sunriders contributing writer, photographer, route builder, and road cycling guide.

Author: Conor O'BrianMaui Sunriders contributing writer, photographer, route builder, and road cycling guide.
Conor is an avid bike rider, racer, adventurer, photographer, and graphic artist who spends his winters working for MSBC
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