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Paia Bike Path – Family

8.5 miles, 120’ elevation gain (out and back)

Cruise the shoreline on a flat, paved bike path absent of motor vehicles. Fun for the whole family!

Cruise along Maui’s North Shore.

From the parking lot at Maui Sunriders Bike Shop in Paia, take a right turn onto Baldwin Avenue and head downhill through town. Hop into the left-hand turn lane, and turn left at the stoplight onto the Hana Highway. Keep your wits about you through this stretch – Paia town can be busy with traffic, particularly in the afternoon.

After about 100 yards, the buildings on your right-hand side will give way to Lower Paia Park, and, immediately following, a dirt parking lot. It’s in that parking lot that you’ll find the start of the bike path.

explore the beautiful neighborhood of Sprecklesville. 

Enjoy this mile-long stretch of beautiful pavement, entirely separated from the Hana Highway. About halfway through, the path splits. Follow the path to the right to head into Baldwin Beach Park. At Baldwin – the largest beachfront on the north shore – there are bathrooms and showers. To continue on the bike path, ride through the parking lot and back out toward the Hana Highway – you can’t miss the bike path on your right.

Continue onwards until the bike path ends at Ulupua Pl. The next mile or so of the ‘bike path’ is actually on neighborhood roads through Spreckelsville. While you’re on roads with traffic, it’s a very quiet neighborhood, and cars move slowly. While you can move right through Sprecks to reconnect onto the bike path, we encourage you to explore all these neighborhood roads – there aren’t too many, and some of the homes are beautiful! Baby beach, at the end of Kealakai Pl, is one of the best swim spots on the north shore. It’s home to a natural breakwater that creates a calm swimming pool-like stretch of ocean.

Maui Cycling Tour

If you’re aiming to just get through Sprecks, here’s how…

After turning onto Ulupua Pl, take your next left onto Waipua St and follow it to the end. Turn right onto Nonohe Pl, and then an almost immediate left onto Makahihi St. When that road ends, turn left on Alakapa Pl. Just before you hit the Hana Highway, you’ll see the bike path on your right. Two more miles of bike path ahead!

After about a quarter mile back on the bike path, it will veer to the right and you’ll cross Stable Rd. To your left, you may see a big flag by the Highway for Thai Farm Fresh. Make your way into their open space (through a gate!) to enjoy some delicious Thai food. On occasion, other food trucks will be in there as well. BYOB!

As you follow the bike path past the airport, make sure to keep your bikes on the pavement. Kiawe trees are notorious in this area, and their thorns will end your ride quite quickly. If you opt to follow a side path toward the beach, please ensure you’re walking your bikes.

You’ll know when the bike path ends – the path opens up onto a road, and then there’s a gate. You can continue riding for another mile or so along Alahao St (which becomes Alahao Pl), just be aware that you are now on a road with traffic. While you could continue on into Kahului, traffic volume increases dramatically. We suggest turning around at the water treatment facility…you’ll know you’re there when it starts to smell a little funky!

Retrace your steps back to Paia town, and call it a day! 

Conor O'Brian

Conor O'Brian

Maui Sunriders contributing writer, photographer, route builder, and road cycling guide.

Author: Conor O'BrianMaui Sunriders contributing writer, photographer, route builder, and road cycling guide.
Conor is an avid bike rider, racer, adventurer, photographer, and graphic artist who spends his winters working for MSBC
Follow his rides on Strava!

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