Maui Veterans Highway Bike Path

The Triangle – Beginner

23 miles, 300’ elevation gain

One of many great Maui cycling routes.  Take mostly right turns (minimal traffic crossings!) starting and ending at Maui Sunriders Bike Shop in Kihei.

Cruise through the heart of Maui.

Start by turning right out of our Kihei shop and following the road straight. At the junction as you leave town, stay left on N Kihei Road and follow it straight. When you hit the junction with Honoapiilani Highway, turn right. After just a couple tenths of a mile, turn right again to hop onto the Kuihelani Highway. Although it’s a big highway, you do have a huge shoulder for the entirety of the next five miles!

Maui Cycling Routes

Soak in great view of both Haleakala, and the West Maui Mountains.

You’ll enter a more congested area as you near Kahului, or ‘town’ as most locals refer to it. Fear not, all you need to do is turn right onto Maui Veterans Highway…so no crossing traffic! Once on Veterans Highway and heading south, you have the opportunity to hop onto the separate bike path, which is on the far left of the highway. Here’s the quickest and safest way to get there…

Immediately after turning right onto Maui Veterans Highway, follow the road right as it bends around and comes to the stoplight. You’re now perpendicular to the highway. When the light turns green, head straight across the highway, and turn right into the crosswalk. Follow the crosswalk, and boom – you’re on the bike path! Enjoy the next 6 miles of riding sans car traffic!

Whether you hopped on the bike path or just rode the big shoulder on the highway, you’re now back in Kihei. Hang a right onto N Kihei Rd, and then a quick left onto the familiar S Kihei Rd. Cruise about 3.5 miles oceanside through Kihei, and end your ride right where you started…Maui Sunriders Bike Shop!

Conor O'Brian

Conor O'Brian

Maui Sunriders contributing writer, photographer, route builder, and road cycling guide.

Author: Conor O'BrianMaui Sunriders contributing writer, photographer, route builder, and road cycling guide.
Conor is an avid bike rider, racer, adventurer, photographer, and graphic artist who spends his winters working for MSBC
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What bike will I ride on Maui?

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