There are many things to do in Maui, and the North Shore is a great place to experience the island after your Maui Sundriders Haleakalā bike tour. These are just some of the many remarkable sites, local cuisine, and adventures to add to your bucket list!


A protea flower found in Kula

Explore the Kula Countryside

Throughout your Haleakalā biking adventure, your Maui Sunriders guides will be able to point out the amazing plants and wildlife unique to this distinct region. After the ride, you make want to come back for more to explore the mountainside and its rich heritage. Look for farms growing the beautiful protea flower or explore a sugar mill and a winery… you might even meet a genuine paniolo cowboy! Whatever you choose, the area has some of the most scenic drives in the world with beautiful coastlines, tropical landscapes, and lookout points.

Explore the Town of Paia

After your downhill bike tour, you’ll find yourself right outside the beautiful town of Paia. This quaint community in the heart of the North Shore offers many excellent dining and shopping experiences, including the Paia Fish Market, Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon, and the Flatbread Company! Relax, strike up a conversation with the friendly locals, and satisfy your appetite after the volcano bike ride!


“Luau, Maui Style”

Experience a Hawaiian Luau

After your big day of adventure on your Haleakalā bike tour, it’s time to relax and celebrate Hawaiian style! It’s hard to get more traditional than a Hawaiian Luau, and if you venture to Maui, you should go to at least one. Luaus usually serve a buffet style dinner with Kalua pork or roasted “Emu,” a whole pig prepared with banana leaves and hot coals and then buried in the earth and slowly roasted. Although the live performance luau shows will differ, they will often feature various forms of Hawaiian music, dance, and spectacles (including fire dancing!).

Go Whale Watching

Complete your Maui experience with a combination of land and sea. If you visit Maui from January through April you are in for a real treat as this is the prime time for Whale watching. Humpback whales (the fifth largest whales in the world) come to Hawaii every year to mate. One of the most distinct behaviors of the Humpback whale is their song, which can be heard underwater in Maui every year. On your tour, you may even get to see males compete for a female mate. The two males usually fight under water, but sometimes they will rise out of the water to butt against each other in a remarkable display of power and testosterone.


Beautiful coral found in the Molokini crater

Snorkeling/Diving off Molokini

With Maui Sunriders, our Haleakalā bike tours are all downhill and always self-paced. Even so, it might feel good to give your body a rest after a day of riding, and what better way to change things up than with the weightlessness of snorkeling or diving! Maui’s coast is a great place to explore, and the Molokini extinct volcano is the perfect natural habitat for all sorts of beautiful marine and bird life. In addition to an unforgettable underwater experience, the three-mile boat ride out to the volcano offers gorgeous views of the island. If you have a choice on when you go, be sure to book an early morning excursion for the smoothest water, especially if you are prone to sea sickness.

(Flower photo by Barra1man via Flickr)

(Luau photo by Ken Bosma via Flickr)

(Molokini photo by Jason Mala via Flickr)